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Is the 3D Baby Pillow Good?

Oct. 30, 2020

As a 3D Spacer Fabric Supplier, share with you. It is well known that most babies under one year old sleep for 16-20 hours a day. The pillows are the ones that have more contact with them. Babies have to be in close contact with the pillows most of the day. How do mothers choose the right pillow for their babies?

The baby grows quickly, has a strong metabolism, and sweats more on the head. The head is wet every day. In addition, the baby often drools, sweat and saliva invisible into the pillow, and the dirt on the baby's scalp, vomiting milk Milk stains can easily remain on the pillow.

Adults 3D Mesh Pillow

Adults 3D Mesh Pillow

Although frequent cleaning of pillowcases and pillow cores will have a certain antibacterial effect, cleaning pillow cores is undoubtedly a better solution for contaminated pillow cores.

The 3D baby pillow solves the problem that the pillow core cannot be thoroughly cleaned. The textile is scientifically changed from flat to three-dimensional, which is easy to wash and dry, and is convenient to dry, so as to effectively keep the baby pillow clean and fresh. The baby pillow also has a unique groove design, so that the baby is not easy to sleep, shaping a round head shape.

The 3D baby pillow is filled with 3D materials. It has good elasticity and good adjustment ability. The 3D material has a net three-dimensional structure. It has excellent air permeability. The upper and lower double-sided meshes are ventilated on six sides. It is cool and comfortable in summer and breathable and warm in winter. , It is called a breathable material.

The unique support structure of 3D materials can provide corresponding resilience according to different pressures on the head. The overall support of the monofilament makes the head in a completely and truly relaxed state and easier to fall asleep.

Choose washable pillows to make washing easier, wash away dust and dirt, keep clean and hygienic to ensure your baby's health. The baby is more comfortable and the mother is more at ease. Our company also has Adults 3D Mesh Pillow on sale, welcome to contact us.