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Tips for Using the Bath Mat

Sep. 02, 2021

If you want a more comfortable bathing experience, a bath mat will be what you need. But when using bath mat, the following tips should be paid attention to.

3D mesh bath mat

3D mesh bath mat

1. First of all, the bath mat should be cleaned if you just bought it. After all, it is a new product, and the bathtub is in direct contact with the skin. So wash the newly bought non-slip mat. And brush the bottom of your bathtub.


2. Before buying a bath mat, you should measure the size of your bathtub first. It is better to be a little smaller than too big. If it is too big, the side of the non-slip mat is easy to lift up.

When using, spread the anti-slip mat in the bathtub, keep it flat, and don't fold it.


3. When using the bath mat, you should act calmly when you sit or leave. If you jump on it, the bath mat may move upwards and slip.


4. Then you should pay attention to the suction cup under the non-slip mat. After tiling, make sure that the suction cup and the bottom of the bathtub are firmly sucked to prevent slipping when you are moving or standing.


5. Because the bath mat is often in a humid environment, it is easy to produce dirt or other magazines, so it must be cleaned frequently and rinse the brush with clean water. If there is any stain, wash it with water or lukewarm water with a small amount of neutral detergent, such as Washing with a broom or scouring powder may damage the surface.


7. Chloride series detergents and bleaching agents, mildew-removing agents, lemon-containing orange detergents will cause damage to this product if used, so avoid using them.


8. Do not put the cleaned bath mat in the bathroom. Because the bathroom is humid and easy to breed bacteria, you must take it to the balcony to dry it to keep the non-slip mat dry. Be careful not to expose to the sun, too strong sunlight will damage the bath mat. Therefore, care should be taken to dry in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.


9. The bath mat can withstand 70 degrees high temperature. But try to avoid high-temperature hot water occasions, such as heating water in the bathtub, the bath mat should be taken out first.


10. Do not place it near open flames or high temperature places.

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