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What are the benefits of using a 3D Spacer Fabric mattress?

Jan. 06, 2020

3D Spacer Fabric, commonly known as Extra Thick Sandwich Mesh, is a new pure fabric material with excellent breathability, elasticity and support. At present, mattresses, pillows, car seat cushions, etc., which have good elasticity and permeability, are widely used by manufacturers. 3D materials mainly have six characteristics: breathable, tough, silent, environmental protection, durable, washable, etc. The raw material is a polyester fiber which can be used for underwear materials, so safety and environmental protection are the biggest characteristics of Coteshu mattress. The quality guarantees that there will be no problems for five years. The mattress can be washed, washed and dried quickly to prevent the breeding of mites, especially for children and the elderly who are sensitive to the skin. As a Sandwich Mesh Fabric Manufacturer, I will share with you other textile information.

Spacer Mesh Fabric

Spacer Mesh Fabric

The bamboo charcoal fabric is made from moso bamboo. It adopts a new process and technology of calcination with pure oxygen and high temperature and nitrogen barrier time delay, which makes the micropores inherent in bamboo charcoal more fine and honeycomb. Polyester modified chips are made by melt spinning.

1. Smooth, soft and warm, like "Miluo Satin": Bamboo fiber has fine unit fineness and soft feel; good whiteness and bright color; strong toughness and abrasion resistance, with unique resilience; strong longitudinal and horizontal strength, stable and uniform, good drape; soft, smooth and not tied, softer than cotton, with a unique velvet feel.

2. Moisture absorbing and breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer: the cross-section of bamboo charcoal fiber is covered with large and small oval-shaped pores, which can absorb and evaporate a large amount of water instantly. The height of the natural cross-section is hollow, making industry experts call bamboo charcoal fibers "breathable" fibers and "fiber queens." Bamboo charcoal fiber has the highest hygroscopicity, moisture release and air permeability among the major textile fibers. The warmth in winter and the coolness in summer are determined by the hollow characteristics of bamboo charcoal fibers. The use of bamboo charcoal fiber textiles in summer and autumn makes people feel particularly cool and breathable; the use of fluffy and comfortable in winter and spring can eliminate excess heat and moisture in the body. 

3. Bacteriostatic, antibacterial rate: 94.5%: After the world ’s largest inspection, testing and certification agency SGS test, the same number of bacteria are observed under a microscope, bacteria can multiply in cotton and wood fiber products, and bacteria in bamboo charcoal bamboo After 24 hours on the fabric, it decreased by 94.5%. This achievement also provides the choice of protective clothing for SARS prevention, which is unmatched by other textile raw materials.

4. Green and environmental protection, anti-ultraviolet: bamboo charcoal fiber is a green environmentally-friendly material extracted from the original bamboo. It has bamboo's natural anti-mite, deodorant, insect-proof and negative ion-producing properties. Testing by the Shanghai Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences proves that the bamboo charcoal fiber fabric has almost zero UV transmittance of 200-400nm, and this wavelength of ultraviolet rays has the greatest harm to the human body.

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