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How to Choose the Right Pillow for your baby?

Apr. 02, 2020

As a 3D Air Mesh Pillow Supplier, share with you. First of all, the main function of 3D Air Mesh Bath Pillow is to support the cervical spine, help the baby's head to circulate blood, help the baby to sleep as soon as possible, protect the baby's head, and promote growth and development. The right pillow can also help your baby create a beautiful head shape.

However, because the spine of a newborn baby is straight and has not yet formed a physiological curve, the back and the back of the head are on the same plane when lying down, and the muscles of the neck and back are relaxed, which will not cause muscle tension or pillow fall. And the newborn baby's head is very large, almost equal to the width of the shoulders, so it is very flat and natural when sleeping on the side. So newborn babies don't need pillows.

3D Air Mesh Bath Pillow

3D Air Mesh Bath Pillow

When will baby be able to pillow 3d pillows? The answer is that 3 months old baby started to pillow!

Most babies have been able to raise their heads autonomously at 3 months, and the spinal cervical segment has a forward physiological curvature. At this time lying down, the cervical spine will be suspended, so in order to maintain physiological flexion and maintain a comfortable position, you can start a pillow when the baby is 3 months old.

So the question comes, how high should the 3d pillow be?

The height of Bath Pillow With 3d Mesh Fabric is 1-3 cm, the width is the same as the baby's head, and the length is the same as the baby's shoulder.

When choosing a 3d pillow for your baby, there are four principles to follow:

1. Choose the right height. Your baby's pillow must not exceed 4 cm. The specific selection criteria are mainly to see if the baby's spine and body are in a straight line. The mother should gradually adjust the height of the pillow according to the growth and development of the baby to help the baby sleep more sweetly.

2. Soft hardness is also important. A pillow with a hard texture can easily damage the soft tissue of the neck and cause it to fall. And because the baby's skull is soft, the cardia and the skull suture have not been completely closed. A stiff pillow may make the baby sleep with a flat head and a face, affecting the appearance. And too soft pillows can not support the cervical spine well, and the baby's scalp is too large, it is not conducive to blood circulation, poor ventilation, and even affect breathing. Therefore, the softness of the pillow must be moderate.

3. Good filling material. The choice of materials in the core is very important to ensure the suitable softness and hardness of the pillow, as well as good performances such as lightness, breathability and moisture absorption. More suitable filling materials are: kapok, grass seeds, rush grass, pearl cotton and so on. The commonly used buckwheat husk is also a good filling.

4. The material of the pillowcase should be breathable and easy to clean. The baby's new city has a strong metabolism, sweating more on the head, and mixed sweat and dandruff, which can easily cause some pathogenic microorganisms and mites, dust and other allergens to adhere to the pillowcase, thereby causing the baby to suffer from bronchial asthma or skin infection. Therefore, the material of the pillowcase should be made of pure cotton or silk with good air permeability and easy cleaning.