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What are the Differences Between Warp-Knitted Fabric and Weft-Knitted Fabric of Single-Layer Mesh Cloth?

Apr. 22, 2021

As a Sandwich Mesh Fabric Manufacturer, share with you.

The structure of single-layer mesh weft knitted fabric

Sandwich Air Mesh

Sandwich Air Mesh

1. Basic organization

(1) Flat-stitched, flat-stitched positive winding cylindrical arc coil assembly, coil assembly, the organization is composed of weft loops of uniform size, that is, a single organization, that is, the daily jersey.

(2) Ribs: The positive and negative vertical rows are alternately arranged. The positive and negative vertical rows are configured with different numbers of appearances to form ribs with different styles and performances. Such as 1+1, 2+2, 3+2, etc.

(3) Anti-needle sewing course: the form of alternating positive and negative. Due to the elastic force of the yarn, the loop is inclined in the longitudinal direction to shrink the fabric, so that it protrudes on the surface of the fabric in a circular arc, resulting in negative externality.

2. Changes in the organization of single-layer mesh cloth

(1) The change of the flat needle organization: two flat needles are arranged longitudinally. The use of two kinds of yarns can form a white vertical striped fabric. The number two jerseys with different widths of colored stripes are alternated in wales.

(2) Change: For example, the appearance of 1 + 1 ribs like 2 + 2 ribs changes; the arrangement of ribs looks like 3 + 3 ribs and 2 + 2 ribs and ribs 1 + 1 phase change.

3. Fancy organization

Jacquard of single-layer mesh fabric:

(1) Single jacquard yarn and white: an organization composed of two or more different colors arranged in a row.

(2) Double-sided jacquard Double-sided jacquard pattern: It can be formed on one side of the fabric and can be formed on both sides of the fabric at the same time. Jacquard jacquard fabrics are generally not positive, and the negative side is the fabric. The opposite pattern jacquard is generally straight stripes, horizontal stripes, large creaky small pits, and pits. 

(3) Establish a unit circle through the circle organization: set the unit to form a concave-convex small hole effect.

(4) Double-circle organization: The semi-cardigan based on circular knit ribs and double ribs is a single-needle single-set ring and the other side is a flat-needle organization, which causes the formation of the organization; the two cardigans are a single-needle single-set ring wicker organization.


(5) Electroplating of all loops: It means that all fabrics are formed by overlapping two loops of the loop, the yarn of the fabric is displayed, and the other side is displayed by another line.

(6) Plated parts of the coil:

The single-layer mesh fabric embroidered yarn and weave will cover the loop part of the fabric with the same or different colors, arranged in a specific pattern and formed.

Floating thread is added to the veil based on the weave plain weave, the density of the yarn, the linear density of the veil, and the loop veil of the yarn and knitting yarn is also increased.

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