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How to Distinguish the Quality of Sandwich Mesh Products?

Mar. 19, 2020

Sandwich Fabric has good ventilation and water-locking function, and it is widely used in the clothing industry. As a Sandwich Air Mesh Supplier, let's take a look at how to distinguish the quality of sandwich mesh products.

How to Distinguish the Quality of Sandwich Mesh Products?cid=3

Sandwich Fabric

Sandwich mesh is a synthetic fabric. Why is it called a sandwich? Because it is composed of three faces, the surface is mesh, the bottom is a dense mesh, and the middle layer is a link between the mesh and dense mesh. Sandwich mesh fabrics are usually processed with high-precision weaving machines using polymer synthetic fibers. The tight control of the mesh is densely clothed on the cloth, so that the cloth looks full of sportiness and fashion. Warp knitting machines are the main machines for processing sandwich meshes, and sandwich meshes are among the best. Because it is strong and stylish. Therefore, it has applications in many clothing fields, such as car seat covers and sportswear that we often see.

Because the application range of sandwich mesh is relatively wide and the market prospect is bright, many textile companies have joined this industry for production. The market also presents sandwich mesh fabrics of various quality and prices, which is a great confusion for consumers. So how to distinguish the quality of sandwich mesh products? This starts with the characteristics and materials of the sandwich mesh.

Look at the fabric: Sandwich mesh is made of high-molecular materials. One of the great features is that it can not afford the ball, and the weaving is through, so it can withstand great tearing strength and feel smooth and cool. Ordinary mesh does not have this effect, such as car seat cushions. After ordinary mesh has been used for a long time, it becomes loose. Not shaped.

Sandwich mesh is breathable. Because high-quality raw materials are used, and the middle layer and the bottom layer are lost nets, it can maintain air circulation outside the fabric. Therefore, when used as sportswear and sports shoes, it can be used The inside and outside air is kept in circulation. Some imitations in the market are poor in breathability. Although the surface of the net and the sandwich nets are acquainted with each other, they will feel stuffy when they are made into clothing.

The bottom layer of the high-quality sandwich mesh is made of non-woven fabric, which has a water lock function. It is usually applied to the seat cover of the car and will not penetrate into the lower layer. And the sandwich mesh has good breathability, and some low-quality sandwich mesh on the market feels thinner because of the fabric, the thickness is about 2 mm, and the eyelets look smaller than the normal sandwich mesh.

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