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What is the Influence and Control of the Warping Environment on the Quality of Mesh Cloth Production?

Mar. 30, 2021

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During production, the air environment of the production workshop has a greater impact on the quality of the mesh cloth. In order to improve product quality, ensure normal production, and create a comfortable working environment for staff engaged in knitting warp knitting, the air in the workshop must be adjusted and scientifically managed. The air environment mainly refers to humidity, temperature, and cleanliness. They have a greater impact on human health and production quality.

Sandwich Air Mesh

Sandwich Air Mesh

1. Temperature: The temperature of the mesh fabric production workshop is generally controlled to not exceed 30 degrees in summer, not less than 20 degrees in winter, and 24-25 degrees in spring and autumn. The main influence of temperature on mesh production equipment is the change of machine parts with temperature. The thermal expansion and contraction change the original matching size of the components.

2. Humidity: The humidity should be controlled below 75, but if the humidity is too low, it is difficult for the electric charge to escape, which will hinder the normal warping of the mesh cloth. The higher the moisture absorption rate of the filament, the lower the resistance and the higher the conductivity, so it is generally controlled at about 65.

3. Air cleanliness: Since the warp knitted mesh fabric production workshop usually adopts a closed structure, the air convection is not sufficient, and it is difficult to change to fresh air. In addition, because the yarn used in warping is mostly static, it is easy to absorb dust, and the machine parts are damaged, so we must strictly control the dust entering the workshop. Firstly, the personnel entering the workshop are required to replace clean shoes. Secondly, when the raw materials are transported in and when the grey cloth is transported out, they must be kept clean, and the ground should be cleaned and dust removed in time.

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