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Is the Sandwich Mesh Fabric Good?

Jun. 17, 2020

As a Sandwich Air Mesh Supplier, share with you. Sandwich mesh is a synthetic fiber, mainly used for car covers, sportswear, luggage, etc. It is durable. The surface is a large circular mesh with a dense mesh underneath, so that the surface of the mesh is not deformed too much, which enhances the fastness and color of the fabric. The mesh effect makes the car cover more modern and sporty. Good breathability is another highlight of sandwich sandwich mesh fabrics, so sportswear, etc. often use similar fabrics. The seat cover uses this fabric.

Sandwich Air Mesh

Sandwich Air Mesh

3D mesh has broken through the five major problems of traditional mattresses.

First, it is easy to rinse and solves the sanitation problems in the history of mattresses. This product can be directly washed with water, does not absorb water, ventilates and breathes, and inhibits the growth of bacterial mites. This mattress is very suitable for children and elderly people who are prone to contaminate mattresses.

Second, toughness, find a balance between softness and comfort. Mattresses that are too soft and too hard are not suitable for people's sleep. 3D mattresses are combined with the toughness of filaments, which has the toughness of a spring mattress, but it is not exaggerated. More than 90% of people recognize this elasticity;

Third, durable, "We simulate a 75 kg person to use 80,000 hours back and forth as a design standard, after 100 days of uninterrupted testing to ensure the durability of the mattress.

Forth, breathable, transparent on six sides, bringing people aerobic breathing sleep. 3D mousse, silk and silk are neatly arranged side by side, the air flows directly, quickly remove any moisture, and it is easy to form a *cool convection environment in summer;

Fifth, environmental protection. After passing the national ten-ring certification standard, it is pasted with hot-melt adhesive. It is non-toxic, odorless and does not release harmful gases.

There are two types of mesh fabrics: single-layer mesh and double-layer mesh. The double-layer mesh fabric is also called 3D breathable mesh fabric. It consists of double-sided mesh (top and bottom) and central monofilament embedding. The interlayer is composed of a lot of monofilaments, which is characterized by good elasticity and breathability.

Spacer Fabric mainly includes organic woven mesh fabric and knitted mesh fabric. The woven mesh fabric has better breathability. After bleaching and dyeing, it is breathable and cool. Therefore, in addition to summer clothing, it is especially suitable for summer products such as mosquito nets. Knitted mesh fabrics are also divided into weft-knitted mesh fabrics and knitted mesh fabrics, of which warp-knitted mesh fabrics need to be woven with West German high-speed warp knitting machines. The main raw materials are polyester, and knitted mesh fabrics have high-elastic mesh fabrics , Car seat net pockets, mosquito net cloths, laundry nets, luggage nets, embroidered net cloths, wedding nets, square grids, etc., are more common in life.

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