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Does wearing a mask have so many benefits?

Apr. 28, 2020

As a 3D Spacer Fabric Supplier, share with you. This week, many people's lives are gradually on the right track, but the only thing that can not be relaxed is the protection of the epidemic, and the masks cannot be removed! The weather is getting warmer, do you think that wearing a mask for a day is suffocating, and the acne has been closed to find the door, but after spending so long with the mask, you finally realize that there are many unexpected benefits of wearing a mask. You must not dislike it anymore!

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Here are the other benefits that netizens summarized in addition to being able to prevent COVID-19:

1. Anti-ugly

Well, let's realize it for yourself. At least no one can see the double chin eaten at home.

2. Hypoallergenic

Allergic stars should have the same feeling. What are the allergies of pollen, catkins and seasonal allergies? Since wearing masks all the time, these spring allergy problems have been much reduced!

3. Anti-second-hand smoke

Do you think the second-hand smoke wearing a mask is not as choking as it used to be?

4. Anti-halitosis

Did not brush your teeth and dare to go down to get the courier, not because the mask is covering me, don't worry about others smelling my bad breath, or smelling someone else's bad breath.

The tragedy is that wearing a mask to prevent stinking to others, but stinking to yourself.

5. No smirk, no smirk, no expression management

Netizens said: "You don't need to put a smile on everyone's face when wearing a mask. You can also spend a day with a stinky face."

Indeed, smirk is so tired, wearing a mask is so cool!

And thinking of funny things, no longer have to hold back.

6. When you meet someone you do n’t like, you can pretend not to recognize it

The functionality of this article is better than myopia "Oh, it's you whoa, hey, I blame me for not wearing glasses".

7. No need to find angle when taking pictures

Yes, how to face is small.

8. Yawning is not afraid of being seen

Especially during meetings and work.

9. Don't wipe your mouth too much after eating, no makeup

Look at you too lazy.

10. Save lipstick

Not only save lipstick, but also save foundation, concealer, blush, and highlight!

11. Save sunscreen

Do you think your face is so small that the mask can completely cover it? See how much skin is exposed on your profile ...

Not to mention, even the skin covered by the mask can not completely escape the damage of ultraviolet rays, especially when it is outdoors for a long time and the intensity of ultraviolet rays is high.

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