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What is the Difference Between Mesh Cloth and Sandwich Mesh?

Jul. 21, 2021

We are Sandwich Air Mesh Supplier. Today we want to share with you the difference between mesh fabric and sandwich structure to serve you.

Mesh cloth and sandwich mesh cloth are very similar in shape. Generally, there is no professional staff to tell which is which. What is the difference between mesh cloth and sandwich mesh cloth?

Let's start with the grid. The mesh fabric is mesh cloth. Different types of mesh cloth can be woven with different equipment, mainly organic woven mesh cloth and knitted mesh cloth. Among them, the woven mesh cloth can be white or yarn-dyed cloth, or jacquard cloth, which can weave different patterns in traditional and simple forms. Good air permeability. After dyeing, the cloth body is quite bright, except for summer clothes, especially curtains, mosquito nets and other things.

Sandwich Air Mesh

Sandwich Air Mesh

Mesh fabric can be made of pure cotton or chemical fiber blended yarn (yarn), full-line mesh fabric uses 14.6-13 (40-45 inch count) yarn, full-line mesh fabric uses 13-9.7 double thread (45 inch) count/2-60 inch Count/2), it can also be interwoven with yarns, which can make the pattern of the cloth more prominent and enhance the appearance effect. There are generally two ways of weaving mesh fabrics: one is to use two sets of warp yarns (ground warp and twisted warp) to form a shed, which is interwoven with the weft yarn (see leno fabric). Warping is to use a special warping heddle (also called a half heddle) and sometimes twist it on the left side of the warp. After one (or three, five) wefts are thrown, it is twisted to the right side of the warp, because the twist and the weft weave each other. The mesh-like hole, the structure is stable, is called Leno; the other is to use the change of the jacquard structure or the reed pattern. The warp yarns are arranged in three groups, in which a reed is inserted. Can also be woven fabrics with holes, but the mesh structure is unstable and easy to move, so it is also called false leno.

Knitted mesh fabrics are divided into two types: weft-knitted and warp-knitted mesh fabrics. The mesh fabrics of warp-knitted mesh fabrics generally use western high-speed warp knitting machines. The raw materials are common, such as nylon, polyester and spandex knitted mesh fabrics. The finished products include high-elastic mesh fabrics and mosquito nets. , Laundry nets, luggage nets, welcome nets, sandwich nets, canned nets, embroidered nets, checkered fabrics, wedding dresses, transparent nets, middle nets, diamond nets, jacquard nets, lace and mesh fabrics. Sandwich nets are layered, usually fabrics produced by double-needle bed warp knitting machines. The easiest way to distinguish one layer is whether it is a single layer or multiple layers.

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