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What Exactly is a 3D Mattress?

Jun. 03, 2021

As a 3D Spacer Fabric Supplier, share it with you.

Secrets of the archives of 3D mattresses

3D material is a kind of polyester fiber, its scientific name is modified polyester functional fiber. It is a new type of pure fabric material with excellent air permeability, elasticity and support.

The so-called 3D mattress is a mattress made of this high-tech 3D (3-Dimenshional, hollow three-dimensional) fabric fiber material using German processing technology.

3D Spacer Fabric Supplier

3D Spacer Fabric Supplier

Where is the "high" of high-tech 3D materials?

There is an "X-90°" support knot between the layers, and the double-sided mesh design is adopted to make the mattress hollow and three-dimensional, and breathable on six sides.

Moisture and sweat will quickly penetrate into the interior, and will not stay too much on the surface of the mattress, making the body feel dry.

3D material permeability experiment: cover the sealed cup with 3D material, and blow inward, and the foam in the cup rotates rapidly.

Is the 3D mattress soft or hard?

Generally speaking, latex mattresses, foam mattresses, silk mattresses, duck down mattresses, etc. are soft mattresses; while coconut palm mattresses, spring mattresses, etc., are hard mattresses.

If the mattress is too soft or too hard, it will actually cause certain damage to the spine. The 3D mattress is moderately hard and soft, and is ergonomically designed to keep the spine in a natural physiological curve.

4. Supporting capacity: 3D mattresses vs ordinary mattresses

The ultra-density support design of the pure 3D mattress has up to 40 support points per square centimeter, which is 2000 times that of ordinary mattresses.

Even if there is no spring, no palm cushion, no latex, a 3D mattress has enough elasticity and support.

In addition, the contact area of a pure 3D mattress with the human body is 3-5 times that of an ordinary mattress, which can effectively reduce the sleep pressure of the human body, so it will not collapse after long-term use.

After reading the above content, I hope you have a deeper understanding of 3D mattresses. Our company also has 3d Mattresses on sale, welcome to contact us.