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What is the Identification Method of Common Chemical Fiber Raw Materials for Mesh Cloth?

Jan. 28, 2021

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Synthetic fibers are the most commonly used raw materials in the production and application of mesh fabrics. There are generally six categories of traditional synthetic fibers: polyester, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, vinylon, and vinyl. In addition, spandex is also widely used.

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Adults 3D Mesh Pillow

Due to the different chemical composition of various synthetic fibers, the spinning and forming methods of their fibers are also different. Among them, polyester, nylon, and polypropylene generally use melt spinning, and conventional acrylic and vinylon use wet spinning, and spandex. He and some vinylon and acrylic fibers are spun by dry spinning. During melt spinning, the molten polymer is extruded through the spinneret. It is cooled and solidified in the air, and its fiber cross-sectional shape is related to the shape of the spinneret hole. The conventional cross-section is circular. The wet-spun filaments are solidified by solvent precipitation in the solution, and the cross-sections are mostly non-circular, and have obvious skin-core structure.

The most commonly used methods for various types of synthetic fibers generally use the combustion method. When using the combustion method to identify fibers, focus on the state of the fiber when it is close to the flame, in contact with the flame, and when it leaves the flame, and pay attention to the smell and residue after burning. The characteristics of things. The combustion characteristics of commonly used synthetic fibers are shown in the figure below

With the continuous expansion of the application of mesh fabric products, new mesh fabric materials are also continuously applied and developed, and the subsequent production technology is also continuously improved. The warp knitted mesh fabric industry will also become a beautiful and spectacular fabric industry. Scenery.

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