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You should know about 3D Mesh of Chair Cushion

Oct. 15, 2019

  3D mesh cloth: commonly known as extra-thick sandwich mesh fabric, also known as 3D material or 3D spacer fabric, is a new type of pure fabric material with excellent air permeability, elasticity, and support. At present, mattresses, pillows, car seat cushions, etc. need to have good elasticity and breathability, which is increasingly used in 3D Mesh of Chair Cushion Manufacturer.

  3D Mesh of Chair Cushion features:

  1. Double-layer mesh design makes it breathable and moisture permeable.

  2. The middle monofilaments are arranged vertically in X-90°, breaking through the traditional bulk fiber 0° support, and the density is 800 times that of the spring, which can provide cushioning protection, which is very suitable for mattresses, cushions and other needs. Protective product.

  3, 3D mattress made of this material, 3D pillow, 3D car seat is easy to wash and dry, environmentally friendly, so safe and hygienic.

  The factors affecting the strength and elongation of the sandwich mesh fabric are mainly the fiber properties and yarn structure of the yarn. The strength and elongation of the blended yarn are closely related to the difference in the properties of the blended fiber and the blending ratio. The external factors such as temperature, humidity and strength test conditions have the same effect on the strength and elongation of the yarn.

3D Mesh of Chair Cushion

3D Mesh of Chair Cushion

  Fiber length, linear density:

  When the fiber length is long and the fiber is fine, the frictional the resistance between the fibers in the yarn is large, and it is not easy to slip off, so the yarn strength is high.

  When the fiber length is good and the fiber is fine and uniform, the yarn is evenly dried, and the weak ring is less and not significant, which is beneficial to the improvement of the yarn strength.

  Fiber strength:

  When the strength and elongation of the fiber are large, the strength and elongation of the yarn are also large; the fiber strength and the unevenness of the elongation is small, and the yarn strength is high.

  Surface friction properties of the fiber:

  When the friction coefficient μ of the fiber surface increases, the sliding the resistance between the fibers is large, the slip length lc decreases, the proportion of the number of slip fibers decreases, and the yarn strength increases. Increasing the number of crimps of the fibers increases the sliding of the resistance between the fibers.

  The fabric with mesh is mesh, organic mesh and knitted mesh (currently non-woven), in which the woven mesh has white or dyed fabric. The air permeability is good. After the bleaching and dyeing process, the cloth body is very cool. In addition to making summer clothes, it is especially suitable for curtains, mosquito nets, etc. The mesh size is consistently used for printing, filtering, etc. There are generally three kinds of weaving methods for woven mesh: one is to use two sets of warp yarns. Twisting), twisted to form a shed, interlaced with the weft yarn (see the leno weave). The twisting is twisted on the left side of the ground through a special type of twisted heddle (also known as semi-full) After one (or less, or five times) of weft insertion, twisted to the right side of the ground warp, due to the mesh-shaped small holes formed by intertwining and weft interlacing, the structure is stable, called leno; the other is the use of jacquard Or the change of the method of weaving the warp, the warp yarns are grouped in three groups, and a kind of caries are inserted into the teeth. The fabric with small holes on the cloth surface can also be woven, but the mesh structure is unstable and easy to move, so it is also called fake leno. There is a plain weave structure, which uses a molar density and a weft density to form a mesh (screen). Knitted mesh is also divided into two types, weft-knitted fabric. And warp knitted mesh, the raw material is generally nylon, polyester, spandex, knitted mesh finished many called mixed.

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