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3D Spacer Fabric User Manual

Nov. 01, 2019

  Mesh refers to textile mesh, also known as Spacer Fabric, which is a textile fabric with mesh-shaped small holes. It is mainly composed of organic mesh fabric and knitted mesh fabric. The woven mesh cloth has good air permeability. After the bleaching and dyeing process, the cloth body is very cool. Besides making summer clothes, it is especially suitable for curtains, mosquito nets, and other supplies. Knitted mesh fabrics are also divided into two types, weft-knitted mesh fabrics, and warp-knitted mesh fabrics, in which warp-knitted mesh fabrics are generally woven with West German high-speed warp knitting machines.

3D Spacer Fabric

3D Spacer Fabric

  Several features of 3D Spacer Fabric are known to many people. They are washable, breathable, highly elastic, supportive, moisture-proof, anti-static, etc., and are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, made of 100% polyester fiber. These characteristics make it widely used in various fields, including the automotive industry. At present, the most used 3D mesh cloth in the automotive industry is a car seat cushion and car ventilation system. Why is the automobile industry increasingly prefer to choose 3D mesh cloth? Instead of other materials? First of all, the 3D mesh fabric made of polyester is very high in strength and wear resistance, and secondly has strong light resistance and heat resistance, the melting point is 258-263 ° C, the softening point is 240 ° C, and Moisture-proof, under standard conditions, the moisture regain is 0.4%.

  3D Spacer Fabric has a different mesh, thickness, and softness. Different thickness and hardness support performance are different. Different meshes have different ventilation. In the automotive industry, the choice of 3D mesh cloth generally pays attention to the following points.

  Car seat cushion: For car seat cushion, the versatility will be relatively high. At present, many 3D mesh cloths can be used for seat cushions. The most important requirement is that the support performance is good.

  Automobile ventilation system: In the aspect of automobile ventilation the system, the thickness should not be too thick or too thin, it will be more suitable at about 10mm, the mesh should be larger to be better ventilated and breathable, and the supporting performance is stronger.

  The cleaning materials were also turned to sandwich nets, and the sandwich fabrics like this year's sales scene have been missing for several years. Clothing, home textiles, cushions, school bags, toys, medical equipment, shoe materials, etc. are all selected sandwich nets.

  What are the advantages of Sandwich Fabric that everyone should trust? High elasticity, moisture permeability, breathable, antibacterial and mildewproof. Wear-resistant, washable, and meet international environmental requirements.

  The Sandwich Fabric is soft and flexible, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and has no advantage in recycling. It has been favored by many toy consumers. The export of sandwich mesh toys has soared in the past two years.

  The shape is vivid and lovely, soft to the touch, not afraid of squeezing, easy to clean, strong decorative, high safety, and suitable for a wide range of people. Therefore, sandwich mesh toys are a good choice for children's toys, decorative houses, and gifts as gifts.

  The color is bright, the style is changeable, and the cute and funny toys are the favorite of the children. The color and style of the sandwich mesh can be customized according to the customer's requirements.