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What are the Causes of Mesh Fabric Defects?

May. 11, 2020

As a 3D Spacer Fabric Supplier, share with you. The quality of the finished warp-knitted mesh fabric is closely related to the quality of the grey fabric production. The mesh fabric is divided into bleached fabric, light-colored fabric, dark fabric and printed fabric. The appearance defects of the mesh fabric directly affect the printing and dyeing process. Finished product quality. Such as the dense road of the mesh cloth, and regretting the formation of the color file, the oil stain of the mesh cloth will seriously affect the appearance quality of the bleached mesh cloth.

Mesh Fabric

Mesh Fabric

70% of the defects appearing on the mesh fabric are caused by problems in the warping quality, followed by the machine state, the coordination of the loop structure, and the weaving process of the mesh fabric.

The defects in the mesh fabric defects that belong to the weaving process can be roughly divided into the following points: longitudinal defects, horizontal defects, yarn breakage, oil stains, fabric surface fluff, etc. In the production of mesh fabrics, due to the timely detection of defects, the problem is quickly solved and the reply to normal production. 3D mesh

Due to the poor quality of raw materials, the shortcomings of the warping process, the installation of warp knitting machines that do not meet the requirements, the poor management of the process, and the inappropriate environment of the workshop, etc., most of the defects will occur in the mesh cloth grey cloth. Defects are minimized.

Due to the increasingly perfect technology, high-speed mesh cloth equipment box, fine size and multi-variety have taken a big step, but, unless the use of materials and mesh fabrics corresponding warp knitting machine adjustment management, it can not be produced High-quality warp-knitted mesh fabrics, to produce high-quality warp-knitted mesh fabrics, one of the most important points is how to produce secondary fabrics to reduce fabric defects.

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