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What is the difference between 3D Spacer Fabric and Sandwich Fabric?

Dec. 10, 2019

Mesh fabric and sandwich mesh are very similar in shape. Generally, non-professionals are clear about which is which. What is the difference between mesh fabric and sandwich mesh?

3D Spacer Fabric Supplier will introduce mesh fabric first. Mesh fabric with mesh-shaped holes. Different equipment can be used to weave different mesh cloths, mainly organic woven mesh cloth and knitted mesh cloth. The woven mesh cloth is available in white or yarn-dyed, and also jacquard. After bleaching and dyeing, the cloth body is very cool. In addition to summer clothing, it is especially suitable for curtains, mosquito nets and other supplies.

3D Spacer Fabric is a new pure fabric material with excellent breathability, elasticity and support. It is widely used in mattresses, pillows, car cushions and other manufacturers that need good flexibility and permeability.

3D Spacer Fabric

3D Spacer Fabric


1. Double-layer mesh design makes it breathable and moisture permeable.

2. The middle monofilament is vertically arranged at X-90 °, breaking through the traditional loose fiber 0 ° support, with a density 800 times that of the spring, which can provide cushioning protection, which is very suitable for mattresses, cushion products and other needs to have to cushion.

3. The 3D mattress, 3D pillow, and 3D car seat made of this material are easy to wash and dry, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so it is safe and hygienic.

Mesh cloth can be woven with pure cotton or chemical fiber blended yarn. The full-mesh mesh cloth is generally used with 14.6 to 13 yarns and the full-line mesh cloth is used with 13 to 9.7 double-strand yarns. It can also be interwoven with yarns and threads to make the fabric flower-shaped. More prominent, enhance appearance effect.

There are generally two methods of weaving mesh fabrics: one is to use two sets of warp yarns, twist each other to form a shed and interweave with weft yarns. The warp is a special twisted heald that is sometimes twisted on the left side of the ground warp. After a weft insertion, it is twisted to the right side of the ground warp. The mesh-shaped small holes formed by intertwisting and weft interlacing have a stable structure. It is called leno; the other is to use the change of jacquard weaving or perforating method. The warp yarn consists of three groups and penetrates one reed tooth. It can also weave a piece of fabric with small holes on the cloth surface, but the mesh structure is unstable. , Easy to move, so it is also called fake leno.

There are also two types of knitted mesh fabrics, weft-knitted mesh fabrics and warp knitted mesh fabrics. The warp-knitted mesh fabrics are generally woven using high-speed warp knitting machines from West Germany, and the raw materials are generally nylon, polyester, spandex, etc. The finished products are high-elastic mesh cloth, mosquito net cloth, laundry net, luggage net, hard net, sandwich net, crochet, embroidered net, wedding net, grid, transparent net, American net, diamond net, jacquard net, Lace and other mesh fabrics.

Sandwich Fabric, as the name suggests, has interlayers, which are usually produced by two-needle bed warp knitting machines. The simplest way to distinguish them is one single layer and one multi-layer.