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Is Sandwich Fabric the softer the better?

Dec. 07, 2019

Sandwich Fabric's soft and soft post-processing can be adjusted. Is it better to be soft or stiff? It depends on the requirements of each product. For example, sandwich mesh for clothing sandwiches must be stiff to make the clothes stiff. Mattresses, diapers, and sandwich nets for baby products need to be softer if they come into direct contact with the skin. Softness can also be adjusted with a softener. The fabric with the softener is soft and smooth. Polyester Mesh Fabric Mat Supplier is recommended not to use, the baby's skin is sensitive and delicate. No matter what kind of softener is full of chemical agents. It cannot be without any harm.

Sandwich Fabric

Sandwich Fabric

The advantages of mesh:

1. It can protect the skin from liquid and particles, and make the skin breathable

2. Surface stretch, good resilience, provide buffer protection, easy to wash and dry

3. Firm and good, no delamination, good humidity and heat comfort

4. The amount of chemical finishing agent and fuel is small, no pollution, and the ignition point is low

5.Good mechanical properties and chemical stability

6.Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, moisture and mold resistant, can be recycled

Medical mattress:

The advent of 3D Spacer Fabric has provided ideal choices for medical mattresses, such as those used in orthopedics, textile bedsores, operating rooms, home health care, medical aids, and physical therapy. In some respects it far exceeds single-layer woven fabrics, manufacturing fabrics, sponge foams and composite fabrics.

Advantages of 3D spacer fabric:

1. Lightweight, tender, skin-friendly, breathable, hygroscopic, moisture-conducting, good elasticity

2. Slowly press the "X-90" hollow three-dimensional support head, effectively supporting the 1CM depression curvature of the human spine, and the pressure is distributed to the bottom of the sleeping pad through millions of "X" structures, which can reduce the pain to a minimum

3. Double-sided mesh, ventilated, washable, quick-drying, difficult to breed bacteria and mites

4. Superior pressure adsorption, which can reduce the pressure on those parts of the patient that will cause danger by more than 25%

5. This fabric can also be used as a mattress for patients lying in bed for a long time, to prevent and treat bedsores

Mattresses for home

In traditional mattresses, cotton batting is easy to absorb moisture, moldy, and odorous. The 3D memory 3D mesh fabric adopts the "X-90" structure, with double-sided meshes, showing a six-dimensional breathable hollow three-dimensional structure. Air and water circulate freely, forming a hot and humid micro-circulation air layer. Its performance is superior to ordinary Mattresses, cotton batts, ideal for home life.


1. Naturally breathable, people fall asleep to the back epoxy circulation

2. Moisture and heat dissipation, effectively prevent bacterial and fungal infections

3.100% polyester, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, more in line with the requirements of the times

4. Light texture, easy to wash and disinfect, antistatic

5. Ergonomics, effective protection of bones

6. Good softness, comfortable, wear-resistant and durable

7. The unique support structure, which provides the corresponding resilience according to the pressure of different parts of the human body, and the full support of the monofilament is the state in which the human body enters dreaming in a complete manner