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Why is Sandwich Fabric Widely Used in the Medical Mattress Industry?

Feb. 08, 2020

As a 3D Spacer Fabric Supplier, share with you.

With the advent of sandwich mesh fabrics, medical mattresses have become ideal choices, such as in plastic surgery, textile bedsores, operating rooms, home health care, medical auxiliary products and physical therapy. In some respects it far exceeds single-layer woven fabrics, manufacturing cloths, sponge foams and composite fabrics.

3D Mesh Fabric Mattress

3D Mesh Fabric Mattress

Why is Sandwich Fabric widely used in medical mattresses? As one, I want to share with you because mesh cloth has the following advantages:

1. Mesh cloth is light, soft, skin-friendly, breathable, hygroscopic, moisture-conducting, and elastic.

2. The mesh cloth slowly presses the "X-90" hollow three-dimensional head, which effectively supports the 1CM depression curvature of the human spine, and the pressure is dispersed to the bottom of the sleeping pad through millions of "X" structures, which can reduce the pain to Low degree.

3. Mesh cloth double-sided mesh, ventilated, washable, quick-drying, bacteria and mites are difficult to breed 

4. Superior pressure adsorption, which can reduce the pressure on those parts of the patient that cause danger by more than 25% .

5. The fabric can also be used as a mattress for patients who have been lying in bed for a long time, for the prevention and treatment of bedsores.

The role of 3D mesh in sportswear

3D mesh fabric is a new type of knitted mesh fabric made of polyester, polyester-cotton, polyester-nylon, etc. It is widely used in mattress linings, bags, shoes, car seat covers, office furniture, Medical protection and other fields.

According to the characteristics of the 3D mesh cloth, the outdoor and sports activities such as jackets and inner layers of sports clothing, mountaineering bags, uppers of some shoes, and linings will be lined with mesh. It can be used as an isolation layer between human sweat and clothing, prevent moisture from being extremely tired on the human skin surface, maintain smooth air circulation, and avoid the wear of waterproof and breathable membranes, which makes clothing more comfortable to wear. Some high-end clothing uses mesh fabrics that are woven with moisture-absorbing and sweat-wicking fibers.

In addition, due to different design concepts and manufacturing processes, some assault jackets use a three-layer composite fabric with a mesh directly attached to the inside of the breathable membrane. According to the needs and characteristics of use, some equipment also uses elastic yarns and other woven fabrics with a certain elasticity, such as water bottles and sundries mesh bags on the outside of mountaineering bags. Elastic mesh fabric is used on the inside of the backpack and on the shoulder straps.

The use of 3D mesh technology to make sportswear that makes us healthier.

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