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Do you know the features of 3d Mesh Fabric Mattress?

Dec. 21, 2019

A simple method to identify the composition of Spacer Fabric is the combustion method. The method is to draw a ray of cloth containing warp and weft at the seam of the mesh, ignite it with fire, observe the state of the burning flame, smell the odor emitted by the cloth after burning, and see the residue after burning, so that Determine whether the composition of the fabric on the durability label of the mesh is consistent with the authenticity of the fabric component of the mesh. As a 3d Mesh Fabric Mattress Supplier, let us explain to you in detail.

3d Mesh Fabric Mattress

3d Mesh Fabric Mattress

Spandex and fluoroelastomer

Polyurethane fiber with the scientific name of spandex melts and burns near the fire, the flame is blue when burning, and continues to melt after leaving the fire, emitting a special pungent odor. After burning, the ashes are soft fluffy black ash. The scientific name of PTFE is polytetrafluoroethylene fiber, which is called fluorite fiber by ISO organization. It only melts near the flame, it is difficult to ignite and does not burn. The flame at the edge is blue-green carbonized, melts and decomposes, the gas is toxic, and the melt is hard and round black. Beads. Fluorine fiber is often used in the textile industry to make high-performance sewing threads.

Viscose fiber and copper ammonium fiber

The viscose fiber is flammable, the burning speed is fast, the flame is yellow, emits the smell of burning paper, there is less ash after burning, and it is a light gray or off-white fine powder with a smooth twisted band.

Features of 3D mesh:

(1) can protect the skin from liquid and particulate pollution, and make the skin breathable;

(2) Effectively prevent bacterial and fungal infections;

(3) Light texture, convenient washing and disinfection, antistatic;

(4) Good resilience, providing buffer protection, easy to wash and dry

(5) Less chemical finishing agent and fuel, no pollution, low ignition point;

(6) Good fastness, no delamination, good humidity and heat comfort

(7) Good mechanical properties and chemical stability.

(8) Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, moisture and mildew resistant, can be recycled and reused

Features of 3d Mesh Fabric Mattress:

1. The double-layer mesh design makes it breathable and breathable.

2. The middle monofilament is vertically arranged at X-90 °, breaking through the traditional loose fiber 0 ° support, with a density 800 times that of the spring, which can provide cushioning protection, which is very suitable for mattresses, cushion products and other needs to have to cushion. Protective product.

3, 3D mattresses, 3D pillows, 3D car cushions, sofas, Japanese and Korean sleeping pads, pillows and other household items made of this material are easy to wash and dry, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so it is safe and hygienic.

Sandwich mesh, single-layer mesh, 3D pillow mesh, 3D mattress mesh, 4D sandwich mesh and other products. Compared with traditional mattresses, 3D mattresses do not have springs, latex, brown, and are more flexible and breathable than ordinary mattresses. They can also automatically adjust the stress points according to the different forces on various parts of the human body.