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What is the Influence of 3D Mesh Fabric on the Choice of Mattress?

Jun. 15, 2021

As a Sandwich Fabric Supplier, share with you.

Orthopedic experts pointed out that a too hard cushion will make the body stiff and can't sleep well, while an overly soft cushion will easily affect the spine and change the body's inherent physiological curve. Nowadays, there are more and more patients with low back pain, and some factors may be related to the soft cushion. Sleeping on a too soft bed for a long time will cause the body muscles to continue to be severe, and no rest can be obtained. It will not only deform the bones and impair blood circulation, but also cause frequent turning over and insomnia. The 3D mesh fabric mattress will not appear. 

Sandwich Fabric

Sandwich Fabric

Different people should choose different mats. Nowadays, there are many kinds of cushions on the market, and some materials appear. The sleeping posture of normal people often changes after falling asleep, up to 20-30 times a night. If the cushion can't support each part of the body with ambition, the body will be stressed and uncomfortable. The cushion is too soft, and if a pregnant mother is stuck in it, it is not easy to turn over. At the same time, when the pregnant mother lies on her back, the enlarged uterus squeezes the abdominal aorta and the inferior vena cava, which will reduce the blood supply to the uterus, which will affect the fetus. Therefore, the pregnant mother should choose a cushion with moderate hardness and must not be too soft. 3D mesh Fabric mattresses are a good choice.

Everyone has different preferences for the softness and hardness of the cushion, some people like to sleep on a hard bed, and some people like to sleep on a soft bed. A compliant and certain support cushion can support all parts of the human body, all parts of the body can be fully relaxed, and the human body's talents can be fully rested. Choosing a cushion must be related to your own physical condition. The 3D mesh fabric mattress is suitable for most people. If there is no open space, it is proved that the cushion can effectively fit the natural curves of the human body’s neck, back, waist, and hips when sleeping, and then press the cushion with your hand. During the pressing process, you will feel obvious resistance and the cushion will deform. The cushion is moderately soft and hard. In addition, when using newly-purchased cushions, the packaging film must be thrown away, otherwise it is easy to multiply bacteria and affect health.

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