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Do you know the Main Functions of 3D Spacer Fabric?

Jun. 24, 2020

As a 3D Spacer Fabric Supplier, share with you.

1. 3D spacer fabric concept

3D Spacer Fabric is a three-dimensional structure, with meshes on the upper and lower sides, with functional fibers in the middle, with "X-90°" cross support, high elasticity and high density, no springs, no latex, 100% functional fibers, and the thickness is generally 2 -20mm.

2. Main functions of 3D spacer fabric

3D Mesh Fabric Mattress

3D Mesh Fabric Mattress

1. Slow pressure and thoughtfulness: relieve 50% of the pressure of the human body

The TKS pressure tester imported from the United States is used to test the pressure relief effect of the 3D material of the human body cushion. The test results show that the 3D material can relieve the pressure of the human body by about 50%. The 3D spacer fabric is made of millions of highly elastic fibers and is cross-supported in an "X" shape. There are 400,000 support points per square meter. The support is very delicate, 400 times that of the spring bed. Relieve the pressure of the human body, the human body is fully relaxed, and is not oppressed; fitting the curve of the human bone can effectively contain the protruding parts, such as: hips, ankles. Effectively support concave parts such as neck and waist. Give people the feeling of stepping on the real thing;

2. Excellent ventilation and breathability. The 3D spacer fabric is hollow and three-dimensional, with double-sided meshes on the top and six sides of ventilation. The ventilation capacity is 4800L/m2 per second. Take away sweat and moisture, not stuffy and wet, keep the skin and material contact surface dry, and will not move the body frequently.

3. Good washing and quick-drying: the use of functional fibers, easy to wash, water flow in one second.

4. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, zero formaldehyde and no odor. The 3D spacer fabric is cross-woven from 100% functional polyester fiber, which is fully burned to produce carbon dioxide and water.

5. It can be rolled and carried easily, and the material itself has a hollow three-dimensional structure, which is convenient to carry.

3. Application

The 3D spacer fabric is woven using a high-tech textile process. Its birth has set off a revolution in the soft filling material industry and completely changed the mattress's damp and unhygienic status. It is in line with the international development concept of saving resources and protecting the environment, and has broad market prospects. It is suitable for eight industries including furniture, home textiles, infants and children, medical treatment, outdoor sports, automobile and environmental protection. In addition, this series of products are widely used in shoe materials, luggage, handbags, car decoration, clothing linings, mattresses, cushions, cushions, outdoor appliances.

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