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How to Calculate the Loss of Knitted Mesh Fabric?

May. 18, 2020

As a 3D Spacer Fabric Supplier, share with you. In the production of mesh fabrics, how to calculate the loss of fabrics in production is a crucial step, generally divided into weaving loss and finishing loss after dyeing. The following is a brief introduction to the calculation method of the loss of conventional mesh fabrics.

Sandwich Fabric

Sandwich Fabric

Finishing loss after dyeing

1. Launching stereotypes: 3-4%

Manufacture of chemical fiber filament mesh cloth: 4.5-5%

Manufacture of chemical fiber staple fiber mesh cloth: 4.5-5.5%

T / C mesh cloth: 4.5-5.5%

CVC fabric: 6-8% The higher the proportion of cotton, the higher the loss, and the color is also related to the loss rate

Cotton mesh cloth: 7-9% and color are also related

Trimming: Trimming width / original width / 100 * 0.2%

Apply resin net cloth: increase the weight of mesh cloth manufacturers according to the required hardness of black oil

2. Dyeing

The calculation method of the loss of the dyed part of the knitted mesh fabric is: (weight of the mesh blank-weight of the finished mesh fabric) / weight of the mesh blank * 100%

Reasons for loss:

1. Removal of grease, wax, impurities and other components on mesh fabrics, yarns, fibers in bleaching and dyeing.

2. Breaking and shedding of free fibers in the mesh fabric

3. The rotting of the mesh fabric after acid, alkali, chemical washing and other reactions

4. Loss in the cloth dyeing process: including seam removal, cylinder sample, etc.

5. Resurgence of mesh cloth

6. Additives. Adsorption of dyes in fabrics, etc.

According to the general summary: the conventional loss rate in the dyeing part is as follows:

1. Cotton loss of knitted mesh fabric: bleaching 7-10% light color 7-9% medium dark color 6-9%

2. Polyester / cotton mesh fabric: Bleaching 7-9% light color 6-8% medium dark color 5-8% 3d mesh

3. Full polyester mesh fabric: 4-6% If the grease in the raw material exceeds the standard, the loss will be greater

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