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What are the Main Causes Of Color Stains In Mesh Fabric Dyeing?

Aug. 04, 2021

After the polyester mesh fabric is dyed at high temperature and high pressure, the mesh grey fabric has a large oil content during weaving, and the oligomers produced by the agglomeration of fibers and dye molecules cause color stains and seriously affect the quality of mesh fabric products. In order to control the occurrence of this problem, the analysis, discussion and research of color stains were carried out, a specific method of controlling the problem was found, preventive measures were put forward, the product quality was improved, and the company's economic benefits were increased. As a Printed Sandwich Mesh Fabric China Factory, share with you.

Sandwich Air Mesh

Sandwich Air Mesh

Mesh cloth is a hydrophobic fiber fabric. The fiber lacks groups that can bind to dyes. Water-soluble dyes cannot be used for dyeing. Only non-ionic disperse dyes with low molecular weight, no strong ionic water-soluble groups and low solubility can be used. dyeing. Polyester has a compact structure and is dyed under normal pressure. It is difficult for the dye to diffuse into the fiber to dye the fiber thoroughly. Therefore, high temperature and high pressure dyeing are used.

The types of color stains on mesh cloth generally have the following points:

1. Color stains

Mesh cloth is the same color as dyed, darker, most of the things with the same print, there are fronts and backs, sometimes stains are stained with dirty things, you can remove them. Such color spots and stains account for more than 60% of the total. Most of them appear irregular, ranging in size from mung bean to soybean size, but in severe cases they have large fingernails.

2. Black spots

Mainly concentrated on brown mesh cloth, including light brown, light beige, coffee, dark brown color mesh cloth, black sesame-sized small colored dots, like a black oily pen on the cloth.

3. The color point of the dyed color

The color point is darker than in the first case, and it is not too big. Sometimes it can be cut off. Generally, a cylinder of mesh cloth has more on both ends and less in the middle. These three categories can be found when the cloth is out of the dye vat. It came out with a slight repair agent to repair the color, and a serious change to the black.

4. Dispersive color points

There is also a black golden spot. The black golden spot does not appear when the cloth comes out. The mesh cloth has golden yellow spots after being dried by a dryer. This kind of yellow spots can be removed with alkali + degreasing agent. Especially when it is changed to black, it is more likely to appear, and it is spreading on the cloth surface.

Causes of stains:

1. The choice of additives

The emulsification stability of the bulking agent is not good, and oily matter will precipitate at high temperature, and the dye will condense and appear color points. The oil stains on the mesh fabric have not been cleaned up, and the bulking agent will be released during dyeing to agglomerate the dye. It is recommended to add high temperature resistant dispersant.

2. Uneven chemical materials and defoamers are generated after high temperature generates oil points

The dyestuff is not homogenized and filtered directly into the dyeing machine; when the temperature of the mesh grey cloth in the dyeing vat reaches 80 ℃, it foams the hanging cloth, and the defoaming agent is used to operate the temperature too high. 3. Improper control of dyeing heating speed

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