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Is the Sandwich Fabric car seat cover good or bad?

Nov. 15, 2019

Sandwich Fabric is a double-needle bed warp-knitted mesh cloth. It consists of a mesh surface, a monofilament and a flat cloth. Due to it's three-dimensional mesh structure, it is very similar to a Western sandwich burger.

The upper and lower sides of the Sandwich Fabric are polyester, and the middle connecting wire is polyester monofilament. Its thickness is generally 2-4 mm. Sandwich fabric is widely used in car seat covers, luggage shoes, roller shoes, bedding and other fields.


3D Spacer Fabric

It is understood that Sandwich fabric car seat cover fabric is very suitable for summer car seat cover because of its mesh structure appearance and breathability. It is also popular among car owners. It is one of the most commonly used car seat cover fabrics. The sandwich fabric is a generally solid color, black. Red gray-blue is the most common seat cover color.

I learned that many car owners think that the thickness of the sandwich fabric is as good as possible. In fact, otherwise, the main reason is to look at the sandwich fabric production process, the same thickness of the sandwich fabric, a layer of dense weaving, it is necessary to be a lot, the quality is the best. The thickness of the Sandwich fabric should be moderate. Too thick a sandwich fabric is not good. The car seat cover that is made will feel very hard, and it will be very wrinkled when sitting. Then even if it is consistent with the size of the car seat cover, it will not fit the seat.

The sandwich fabric's softness and post-treatment can be adjusted. Is it soft or soft, or is it hard? It depends on the requirements of each product. For example, the sandwich fabric for the clothing interlayer must be stiff and the clothes must be made. Mattresses, padding, and sandwich fabrics for infants and toddlers require direct softness to the skin. The softness can also be adjusted with a softener, and the fabric with the softener is soft and smooth. 3d Mesh Fabric Mat manufacturers suggest that it is best not to use, the baby's skin is sensitive and delicate. No matter what softener is a chemical agent inside. It is impossible without any harm.

Next, let's talk about the 3D spacer fabric. 3D Spacer Fabric is suitable for a wide range of industries, as well as some special end customers. A survey of the industrial textile market found that in the following areas, there is a growing demand for warp-knitted fabrics, such as vehicles such as automobiles; medical, health, health care; geotextiles, civil engineering, Construction; sports and leisure; environmental protection, filter cleaning, and safety protection.

Especially in the medical field, the superior performance of the 3D spacer fabric is an ideal choice for medical applications, and its use in 3D mattresses and the like is very popular in the market. The medical 3D spacer fabric is used as a medical textile, which has the advantages of moisture guiding, heat dissipation, durability, recyclability, structural stability, and wide structure design.