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Why is Spacer Fabric so popular with consumers?

Nov. 08, 2019

In the market, we can see all kinds of household items made of Spacer Fabric as materials. Why is mesh cloth so popular? Xiaobian learned that the characteristics of mesh cloth are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Constant temperature, breathable, permeable

2. Memory, elasticity, buffer protection

3. Light texture, easy to wash, quick-drying

4. Strong support

5. Mesh anti-bacterial, health care

6. Pressure adsorption

7. Ergonomically effective to protect bones

8. Non-toxic, hypoallergenic

9. Comfortable, wear-resistant, flame retardant

10. Reuse

The application fields of mesh cloth mainly include:

Shoes, luggage fabrics, bedding (mat, mattress, pillow), sports protection materials, outdoor sports materials, office furniture, car decoration materials (safety caps, most breathable pillows, motorcycle seat covers, car seat covers) , steering wheel cover), in some areas can replace foam, sponge.

Sandwich Fabric

Sandwich Fabric

As a Sandwich Mesh Fabric Manufacturer, let's share with you that the silk fabric is as soft as possible.

The sandwich fabric's softness and post-treatment can be adjusted. Is it soft or soft, or is it hard? It depends on the requirements of each product. For example, a sandwich mesh with a clothing sandwich must be stiff and must be made. Mattresses, padding, sandwich nets for infant products, direct contact with the skin, need to be softer. The softness can also be adjusted with a softener, and the fabric with the softener is soft and smooth. Sandwich mesh manufacturers recommend that it is best not to use, the baby's skin is sensitive and delicate. No matter what softener is a chemical agent inside. It is impossible without any harm.

Sandwich Fabric has good ventilation and water-locking function. Nowadays, the clothing industry is also widely used. Let's take a look at how the quality of sandwich mesh products is distinguished.

Sandwich netting is a synthetic fabric. Why is it called a sandwich? Because it is made up of three faces, the surface meshes, the bottom is a dense mesh, and the middle layer is linked to the mesh layer and dense mesh. Sandwich nets are usually processed by high-precision braiding machines using high-molecular synthetic fibers. The mesh is tightly controlled on the cloth, so the fabric looks sporty and fashionable. The warp knitting machine is the main machine for processing sandwich net cloth, and the sandwich net cloth belongs to the fine product. Because its characteristics are strong and stylish. Therefore, it has applications in many clothing fields, such as car seat covers and sportswear that we often see.

Because the application range of sandwich net cloth is relatively wide and the market prospect is bright, many textile companies have joined the industry for production. The market is also a sandwich net with various qualities and prices, which is a big confusion for consumers. So how do you tell the quality of sandwich mesh products? This starts with the characteristics and materials of the sandwich mesh.